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At Hawaiʻi Pacific Parks Association, we want you to experience excellence in customer service with a sense of aloha. We want to deepen your connections to our national parks, and we do that with carefully-curated, distinctive sales items that encourage lifelong learning and stewardship, and that extend the park visit.


We foster connections with the communities that surround the parks we serve by supporting four annual NPS cultural festivals on Hawaiʻi Island and cultural demonstrations throughout the year at our Hawaiʻi partner parks. We support community events such as parades, fairs, conferences, trade shows, and more.


We support innovative park programs that reach new audiences and promote the enduring relevance of public lands. We help with various Youth In Parks programs, cultural programs in all of our partner parks, costs for NPS visitor center displays, and donate to the protection of endangered species.
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Mission Statement

With the spirit of aloha, we inspire the discovery and stewardship of the natural and cultural heritage of Pacific island parks.

Who We Are

HPPA is a nonprofit cooperating association working in partnership with the National Park Service in Hawaiʻi and American Samoa. Proceeds from our park stores support interpretation, educational programs, research projects, publications, and cultural activities.

Since its creation in 1933, the association has contributed over $26 million in direct aid and other support to the parks.

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Support Our Mission

Help bring the stories of our national parks to life!

Become a Member
Membership is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection to national park sites in Hawai‘i and American Samoa and become an advocate of the national park experience. By becoming a member of Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association you help to support our ability to: provide information to visitors at visitor centers, publish and distribute books, guides, maps; fund visitor center exhibits and interpretive signs, sponsor park talks and presentations, and stock park libraries. 
Donate, Support the Parks
Your support means that biologists have the equipment they need to protect the rarest goose in the world, the Hawaiian nēnē, and that local schools can afford buses to take students to participate in programs in their national parks, a first visit for some of them. It means that traditional Hawaiian knowledge can be taught and demonstrated, and not lost. Your donations keep alive those things the national parks do best. Thank you.
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Hawaiʻi Pacific Parks Association. P.O. Box 74 Hawaii National Park, 96718 HI