Creating for the Parks

Why We Create for the Parks
Why We Publish

We publish so that you—the wanderer, the visitor, the student—can connect more deeply to your national parks, whether what you want is as concrete and definitive as trail directions or as subtle and glorious as art. We publish the artists, historians, scientists and writers that want you to understand your heritage. What we publish is inspirational, educational, enjoyable, and undertaken with an eye toward stewardship. We keep our publications updated and relevant because times, tastes and interests change, as does the living landscape.

Our unique position in relation to the people and places of the national parks enables a nimbleness and accuracy in publications. Additionally, our park stores specialize in finding local and national publications that focus on the culture and ecology of Hawai‘i and range from reference books to gorgeous photography books. We also carry Hawaiian music CDs, and DVDS that delve into volcanism, legends, creation myths, and island history.

Our Publications
Our Publications
Custom Development

Our thoughtfully-designed, custom-created sales items connect the visitor to the natural and cultural resources of our park partners, and enhance the park experience by providing a deeper understanding. These keepsakes forever remind visitors of their experiences in the parks they treasure.

Makana the Nēnē Plush is an example of custom development that breaks new ground in terms of the benefit of the sales item to our national park partners. We created the most realistic plush nēnē in the world by working with park staff, then dedicated one dollar from every sale of the plush directly to programs that support nēnē in the parks.


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